DewBurn Interactive


GENRE: Stealth / First Person
EXPERIENCE: Single Player / Online Co-op
DewBurn Interactive
PUBLISHER: DewBurn Interactive
PLATFORM(S): Steam, PlayStation 4 (planned), Xbox One (planned)

Project Dead Drop is a working title for a new stealth adventure by DewBurn Interactive. It is a tactical first person stealth experience in which players take on the role of a rookie undercover agent, Diego Ortiz. Newly employed by GeoFirm, a secret defense contractor for the United States government, you are tasked with covert operations such as hacking infrastructures, obtaining and securing intelligence, and eliminating targets, all while utilizing state of the art technology. Find and eliminate a rogue organization’s roster before they infiltrate GeoFirm’s infrastructures and blow their hidden identity.

Want to experience Project Dead Drop for yourself? Download our game by clicking the download button below. Let us know of any issues you experience so we can fix them up as soon as possible!


  • Pure Stealth Gameplay
    The way stealth games are meant to be played. Complete each operation without raising the alarms and reap the rewards.

  • Hacking, Bashing, and Smacking
    Level up your skills to increase your abilities to hack complicated hardware and software, take over CCTVs, lockpick doors and safes, and investigate the environment to discover additional ways to carry out an operation.

  • Operation Replayability
    Replay each operation by taking different paths or altering your play-style and discover new areas, collectibles, and enemies, all in different weather conditions and times of day. Play the campaign with a friend via online co-op to plan and execute your tactics together.

  • Dynamic AI Pathfinding
    Think you’ve memorized enemy footpaths? Think again. AI will alter their patrols based on suspicion and weather conditions. Furthermore, replaying an operation may change their patterns.

  • Dynamic Weather and Time
    Play operations in rain, sunshine, snow or fog. Additionally, time will vary between dawn, dusk, noon or night.

  • In-Game Cash and XP
    Earn in-game cash and XP to be spent on unlocking new perks, weapons, gadgets, and attachments. Stick to the shadows and keep alarms from sounding to maximize your rewards.

  • Custom Operation Parameters
    Want to practice a particular operation during a specific time of day or type of weather? Set up a custom operation and play exactly the way you want.

  • Fully Customizable UI
    Customize the user interface the way YOU like. Resize or even eliminate the HUD elements entirely to your choosing.

  • Controller Support
    Don’t like playing with a mouse and keyboard? No worries! Project Dead Drop fully supports the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam controllers!

  • Expansion Packs
    Bundled expansion packs (the way they used to be) will be released over the life of the game to expand the game’s world, deliver new operations, and add weapons and gadgets.



Story 95%
Gameplay Mechanics 80%
Weapon Design 15%
Level Design 15%
Animations 10%
Sound Design 5%
Music 0%
Networking / Co-op Integration 0%