(working title)


GENRE: Virtual Reality (VR) / First Person / Arcade
EXPERIENCE: VR Single Player / VR Multiplayer
DewBurn Interactive
PUBLISHER: DewBurn Interactive
PLATFORM(S): Oculus, Vive (planned), PlayStation VR (planned)

Project Double-Time is a working title for a new arcade VR experience by DewBurn Interactive. It is based on the extreme sport of street luge, a sport in which a person rides a wheeled sled at high speeds down a course or roadway, using nothing but gravity to gain momentum and their feet to brake. By utilizing VR controllers or a gamepad, players will lean side to side to avoid oncoming obstacles such as vehicles, water traps, flamethrowers, oil slicks, and falling debris and race to the top of the leaderboard to secure bragging rights.


  • Complete Immersion
    Experience the world of street luge as if you were actually there. Strap on a compatible VR headset, grab your controller(s) and get secured.
  • Board Customization
    Your style, your way. Customize your board style, append some wheels, select your graphics, add a splash of color and you’re ready to tear down the track at blistering speed – in style.
  • Dynamic Weather and Time of Day
    Enhance your boarding experience by participating in various types of weather – rain, sleet, or clear skies in addition to a time of day – dawn, day, dusk, or night.

  • Dynamic AI
    Race against advanced AI and climb the leaderboards to gain the respect you deserve. Secure the gold to gain the ultimate bragging rights.
  • In-Game Cash and XP
    Earn in-game cash and experience points by placing high in the rankings, allowing you to further customize your board.
  • Perk Upgrades
    Unlock perks to increase your ride’s efficiency, improve your turning radius, and better defend yourself against obstacles and other riders.
  • Championship Events
    Participate in in-game championships and race against the best of the best. Earn a high ranking and blowout your in-game bank vault.
  • VR Motion Settings
    Feeling queasy? Modify the in-game settings to fine tune your VR experience to reduce motion sickness. Lock the X, Y or Z axis on your headset, adjust the sensitivity, field of view (FOV), toggle motion blur, and more.



Gameplay Mechanics 90%
3D Design 50%
Animations 45%
Level Design 10%
Story 0%
Sound Design 0%
Music 0%
Networking / Multiplayer Integration 0%